Your task is to research proposed or recently considered legislation that addres
Your task is to research proposed or recently considered legislation that addresses illegal immigration. It can be either state or federal level legislation. Learn all you can about the bill or policy idea to take a stand on whether it should be passed into law or not. Steps Find a bill relating to illegal immigration. It must be current or have been considered within the past year. You may find the news websites, and these websites helpful: Legislation Search The U.S. Senate The U.S. House of Representatives State and Local Government on the Net Research the bill. You may find this Activity helpful in conducting research. Find answers to the following questions: What is the bill's title and description? Where was the bill introduced? Who proposed the bill and why? What would the bill do if passed? Where are the people that it would affect? How does it aim to affect illegal immigrants? How might it affect the government? How might it affect other citizens? What are the arguments for the bill? What are the arguments against it? Imagine you will be giving a speech to Congress or to the state government considering the bill. Write a speech where you explain the background of the bill (answers to the research questions in Step 2), and then take a position on whether the bill should pass or not. Be sure to give facts to back up your opinion. This is a formal, informative, and persuasive speech, so be sure to write in the third person (do not use "I think" or "I believe" or similar phrases with "I"). Cite the sources of your information in MLA Format. Include this bibliography with your speech when you submit it to your instructor.

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