Your case study will be the story of a particular change within a particular org
Your case study will be the story of a particular change within a particular organization. Please write about your workplace (opthalmology) so that you can accurately and personally describe the change process you witnessed. Your Case Study should answer the following questions: What is the change thisorganization exoperienced? What organizational process was foollowed tobring about this change? Which change models we examine this course (organizational management) can be applied to this change process?Ploease describe indetail how the model was followed and where the process differed from the model. It is important to note that your organization's change agents may not have consciously followed any of these models (suchis often case), but you may be able to discern the elements of a model in the steps taken. Was the change successful? Why or why not? Please describe the success or failure of the change according to your chosenmodel, and also according to perceptions? Were there unintended consequenses to the change? If you were advising this organization on change management , what guidance might you offer them before they embark on their next change process? Your case study must be a minimum of 10 double space pages and include at least seven citations. Please remember the following: Explain your arguments clearly, with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Unclude a refrence, link, or citation where appropriate. You need to demonstrate critical, graduate level thinking and analysis in all your posts. Don't summarize- synthesize and analyze. This is a graduate course, and proper grammer, sentence structure, and appropriate punctuation are requiredin all written work

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