You work at Northwestern Medicine. The chief nursing officer has asked you to fo
You work at Northwestern Medicine. The chief nursing officer has asked you to form a task force to look at pressure ulcers at the organization. They have requested that you present your findings at the next executive meeting. Please review the available data for Northwestern Medicine (assume that 2018) is the most current data. Provide a written script for a recording of your presentation of the problem to the executive committee. You will also need to submit part of an SBAR document for the problem. Here is how the SBAR document is structured S = Situation (a concise statement of the problem) B = Background (pertinent and brief information related to the situation) A = Assessment (analysis and considerations of options — what you found/think) R = Recommendation (action requested/recommended — what you want) For this submission you will only submit the Situation and Background sections. Here are the expectations for the Presentation of the Problem Recording Clearly define the problem: If you have not correctly decided what to look at then everything you propose will be for naught. Remember, most senior leaders have already looked at issues you’re raising and they demand and expect precision. Clarify the issue by thinking through the real issues and using precise language. Tell them why it matters: Why is it important right now to address this issue? You must make a compelling case for the company putting its time and attention on the matter at hand. Prove it: How do you know what you know? Overall Requirements Due 8/1 Presentation of Problem: No more than 3 minutes in length SBAR Document: No more than 300 words Two scholarly references (APA) required for SBAR Document

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