You will read a paper written by an actual Research Methods and Design II studen
You will read a paper written by an actual Research Methods and Design II student from a prior semester. This paper includes two studies the student conducted, with Study One introducing the main variables and Study Two offering an extension with replication of Study One. Your job is to read the whole paper and then complete your assignment. Write an abstract for the paper. However, this time you need to write it in one short paragraph (150 to 250 word maximum!). Note: there are two studies, and you have to mention both. Yes, this is tough, but authors often summarize (in the same short abstract) papers that they wrote that may include six or seven different studies! My suggestion is to find the overlap between both studies and discuss both simultaneously. For example, “Both studies looked at X, but study two also examined Y.” That is, your abstract should include the following: 1. Title page (1 point) 2. Include the word “Abstract” at the top of your abstract (2 points) 3. Identify the general problem or research question (the hypotheses) for both studies. (2 points) 4. Note the participants for both studies (2 points) 5. Note the IVs and DVs for the studies (2 points) 6. Note the findings for both studies (2 points) 7. Note the overall conclusions / implications of the two studies (2 points) 8. Please include keywords for the study (at least 5 keywords or phrases – these are not included in the total word count) (2 points) 9. Correct any errors you find on the references page and include the corrected references at the bottom of your abstract page (see the example paper for how this should look). (2 points) Writing Quality (7 points) 1. Avoid run-on sentences, sentence fragments, spelling errors, and grammar errors. 2. Write with sufficient detail that the person reading it would be able to understand what the study is about, even if they had not read the paper! 3. The writing should be PERFECT here. You will lose a point for each writing error, so proofread, proofread, and proofread some more!

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