You will need about 5-6 research studies that relate to assessment. Save the art
You will need about 5-6 research studies that relate to assessment. Save the articles to your computer so that you will be able to cite them as part of a review of literature section in your paper and in other parts of your paper. You will know the articles are research studies if they have the following elements: 1) an abstract, 2) a review of literature, 3) a methods/methodology section, 4) a results section (with statistical tests and numbers for quantitative studies), and 5) a discussion section. You will usually see these words/phrases in the subheadings of the research studies. Please note that general articles that just summarize other studies or offer opinions are not acceptable to cite in the review of related literature section of your paper, but could be cited elsewhere. Send me an email if you need more clarification or if you are unsure if a source is acceptable. Here are some other guidelines: 1. The research studies you cite in your paper must be quantitative or qualitative studies that involve participants and conduct statistical tests or have some sort of analysis of the participants. 2. If the research studies are quantitative, they almost always have the headings: Method, Results, and Discussion. 3. You should not use newspapers, magazine articles, or internet papers (that are not studies) in the review of related literature section of your paper. Also, you should avoid books since they are considered secondary sources. These types of sources could be cited in the introduction section of your paper. 4. All of your research studies should come from academic journals. Many journals can be accessed through Watson Library's databases. You do not need to buy a subscription to a database. Watson Library will be able to help you with all of your needs, even if you live far away. Start your review of related literature here for this section. Add paragraphs as needed. At least two full pages. You need to use the published research studies you found online to provide a summary of the research results/findings. Only include information from sources that are published research studies that contain data collected from participants. Think of the review of related literature section as a giant summary of supported and rejected hypotheses. Only write about the research findings/results of the studies. Do not include your interpretation, insight, assumptions, ect...these go in ttthe next section of the paper below.

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