You will conduct a literature review, summarizing the past research that has bee
You will conduct a literature review, summarizing the past research that has been done on a specific topic in psychology. Your literature review must be based on a topic in psychology (not nutrition or earth science), for example alcohol use and depression, video games and their relationship to aggression, attachment style and experience of divorce, gratitude and well-being,etc. (The more specific, the better). Make sure to read from the articles that you are referencing for a deep understanding of them. For a description of literature reviews and how to write them, please view this website: Writing a Literature Review For the conclusion of your paper, please write about further research that could be conducted on this topic, including the limitations of past research and ideas for more accurate or usefulresearch on the topic. Finish with an explanation of why research in this area matters. Assignment Guidelines: • You must have 9 references for your paper • The references must be cited in the body of the paper and also included on a separate references page. • The format of this paper should be APA (include a cover page as shown in APA sample paper). • The references should also be in APA format (please see the APA sample paper I have provided on Blackboard). • Length requirement: The text part of the paper should be at least 5 pages long, not including the cover page and references (so, at least 7 pages when those are included). Use 12-point, Times New Roman Font (APA).

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