You will be gathering information throughout the course on concepts/ theories th
You will be gathering information throughout the course on concepts/ theories that you find useful in your future career or your role as a parent. (Concepts are vocabulary words or terms or theories that you have learned in this class. Some examples include egocentrism, attachment styles (four styles together are considered as one concept), experience-dependent brain development,… There are many others. Please refer to key terms provided at the end of each chapter for ideas. Think of what interests you or catches your attention as you go. Make sure to clearly define (in your own words) each concept. Please decide your future role in the letter (i.e. are you a parent, teacher, social worker, or camp counselor?). For the purpose of simplicity, you may choose only one role. Create a real-life situation and/or scenario for each concept of child development for a total of three concepts. Apply each concept to the scenario. This should be an application to your future career or parenting scenario. Think about how you can use what you have learned. Be creative and thorough. Show me that you understand the concept as you illustrate its use. Here is an example: As a straight A student, Kevin (your seven-year old son) will ask you…. Page numbers in your textbook should always be provided as sources of reference and in-text citation (i.e. Levine & Munsch, 2017, page number). Check your word count. Your entire letter should be no less than 500 words. Points will be deduced if your letter is too short. Your letter should be double spaced, in Times New Roman, with font size 12. Make sure to check grammar and spelling. Do not use quotes. This letter is to be in your own words. Do not write a research paper. This is a letter that serves as a reminder for the future you

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