You should aim to write 6-8 pages. (This does not include the bibliography.) I w
You should aim to write 6-8 pages. (This does not include the bibliography.) I will stop reading once you reach the limits. If you are writing more than this, you have not thought your answers through adequately. Remember, quantity is NOT the same thing as quality. On the other hand, do not write less than what I ask of as a minimum. It is highly unlikely you will write a quality essay. And never, ever turn in a first draft or do it at the last minute. Make sure to go back and read the document in the contents section of Blackboard, “How I grade.” Remember, it is very important to have a quality introduction and thesis statement, give specific examples from the readings to support your points, have analytical points to make, and to have a good writing style. Also, and this is very important, DO NOT USE outside sources. The readings here are more than sufficient for you to answer the questions. (NOTE: Use a minimum of eight sources.) ONLY USE READINGS AND VIDEOS FROM THE SYLLABUS! Use only Times New Roman 12 point font with 1” margins double-spaced. You will post the exam on Blackboard (in content, like you did for the first exam). DO NOT EMAIL THEM TO ME! In class, we discussed various structural factors that inhibit upward mobility. Drawing on a wide variety of readings and videos on inequality, debt, crime/punishment/courts/police, race, health, neighborhood dynamics (including ghettoization/redlining/gentrification), etc., you will show how and why upward economic mobility is difficult in this country for people of various backgrounds. (NOTE: This is a purposely broad prompt. You need to think about how you will craft a coherent essay that deals with many, though not all, of these concerns.)

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