You need to reply to my classmates on the subject. Please reply to the student b
You need to reply to my classmates on the subject. Please reply to the student by their name hi______ i agree and try to add depth to the discussion .You have to have reference page for the reply. Thanks. Here is the student post that you need to reply to: 5 days agoJacob Thorpe RE: Discussion - Week 9 COLLAPSE Challenges As I work on my outline, I’m having problems with my research gap and the fact that even though I have a lot of articles it still feels as though I haven’t fully established the boundaries of my gap. This may be because prisoner education is inherently a complicated and multifaceted global problem (Torrijo & Maeyer, 2019). Additionally, I have found that a lot of my research articles focus on the same limitations of generalizability and the lack of a control group or experimental condition which results in studies that all make the same correlational connection with no studies that can cement a causational relationship. It is also a little frustrating to learn that the correlation between reduced crime and increased education is well established and has been for many years, but that the main barrier to increasing citizen education are political ideals without a logical foundation (Larsen, 2017, Nordin, 2018). Solutions The solution to my first problem is a simple one, I’ll just keep reading more research articles on the subject while refining my search parameters so that I can continue to define my problem and gap. I can search specifically for experimental articles, and potentially search for experiments conducted on non-vulnerable student populations to show an increase in quality of life and productivity. References Nordin, M., (2018) Does Eligibility for Tertiary Education Affect Crime Rates? Quasi-Experimental Evidence. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 34(3), 805-829 Torrijo, H. & Maeyer, M. (2019) Education in prison: A basic right and an essential tool. International Review of Education, 65(1), 671–685

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