You must do this project individually You will choose the topic from a list pro
You must do this project individually You will choose the topic from a list provided by the instructor. Each student must submit a written MS Word Report The MS Word written report should include: Overview / Summary of the organization What the organization requires for safety, or gives as guidelines for safety, or how the organization supports safety. Include a References or Works Cited Page. (Minimum of four sources must be used). You can use MLA or APA, but you must use in-text citations with whichever method you choose. Do not have a title page in and of itself. Have the title on line 1. Your name on line 2. Then start the content on the next line. It should be double spaced. Use size 11 or 12 font. Minimum: 7 pages Maximum: 10 pages NO TITLE PAGE The written report will be graded based on: Technical accuracy of the information presented 20 points possible Proper use of headings, transitions, and paragraph breaks 3 points possible Spelling and Grammar 3 points possible Citations 2 points possible Proper length 2 points possible *The report will be submitted in the Assignments tab. Topics to choose from: SAFETY/REGULATORY ORGANIZATIONS Occupational Safety and Health Administration Environmental Protection Agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention US Department of Labor Food and Drug Administration American National Standards Institute Underwriters Laboratories National Transportation Safety Board Federal Aviation Administration Department of Defense Department of Transportation National Fire Protection Association American Society for Testing and Material International Organization for Standardization

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