You are to create a PowerPoint presentation on the following topic: Create a pre
You are to create a PowerPoint presentation on the following topic: Create a presentation in which you recount your most prominent political impression, that is the biggest/most important political event or issue that you can remember. Speculate about how that event or issue may have shaped your views towards government and politics. Did it leave you cynical? Idealistic? Apathetic? Etc. Include a discussion of which political socialization agents have shaped the formulation of your political opinions while growing up. (Political Socialization agents are those that influence us throughout our lifetime, they can include: the family, school, the media, peer groups, religious organizations, etc. You can also refer to chapter 6 in We the People– the corresponding chapter on that topic). Additionally, be sure to include a discussion of the results from you Political Compass quiz. Are those results accurate? Why or why not? NOTE: Since this is an American Politics course, the assignment has to cover a political event that you have experienced within the American Political system. Requirements: • Acceptable Formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF o Do NOT submit Keynote (I cannot open Keynote on my computer) o Don’t allow the slides to be overly verbose! • PowerPoints should be at least 5 slides o Don’t do the bare minimum, on average, most presentations are at least 7-10

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