You are an employee of Consolidated Supply Solutions (CCS), based in Gardenia, C
You are an employee of Consolidated Supply Solutions (CCS), based in Gardenia, California, which operates a nonunion freightline serving manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. The CEO of privately held CCS is Nathan Fein, son of the founder. Fine is a conservative republican who supported the Trump Administration with large donations and is skeptical of the Biden Administration's strong tie to organized labor. Mr. Fein calls you into his office one day, shaking a newspaper article in his hand. "I just got a call from the president of our largest Canadian customer, an automobile parts manufacturer which is shifting its production facility to make parts and components for electric vehicle manufacturers. - nonunion shop outside of Toronto. The customer is upset about this Build Back Better program - that Biden and his team are higher tax credits only to electric vehicles built by American union workers, etc. Their Canadian lawyer is telling them that Biden's favoritism shown to American unions clearly violates the provisions of NAFTA and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement that President Trump negotiated. Fein turns to you and says: "HR told me that you took an international business law class at Fullerton's business school and scored a high grade. Well, I have a little research project for you; no need to turn on any high-priced DC trade lawyers at this stage. It sems that the bloated Build Back Better program is losing momentum, but if it comes back, I will need to respond to the Canadian customer. Please do some research and draft a 2-3 page executive summary for me laying out the results of your research and findings. I understand that the United States Trade Representative's Office in DC maintains an extensive on-line collection of USMCA documents and materials If you quote from USMCA documents, please reference the document and article or section number of the quoted material in the body of your executive summary.

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