-Ethnography will be on WWE (world wrestling entertainment)
-Required to write an ethnography on one media-based fandom you are either a part of or someone you know is a part of. An ethnography is a genre of writing in which you describe and explain a cultures (or in this case, subcultures) customs. Essentially, choose ONE media-based (television, book, or game based) fandom and provide your reader with an understanding of this group of people. How do they define themselves? Do they dress a certain way? Do they speak a certain way or use jargon? What draws these people to this fandom? How do they differentiate themselves from other fandoms (think bigger than just They watch Star Wars)? Do they meet online, in person (at say a convention), or both? How do people outside this fandom view this fandom?
*** Note: While you may use the questions above to brainstorm, your essay should  not be composed with a paragraph answering each question***

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