Written Component: You will accompany your atlas with a written commen
Written Component: You will accompany your atlas with a written commentary of approximately <
1200-1300 words (4-5 double-spaced pages) of the relationships and/or layers of interface or contradiction <
represented in your map. You will 1) describe and discuss the issue; 2) why you chose the specific issue, <
location(s), and particular elements for your atlas; 3) you’ll discuss what these elements say about both <
the location and issue you chose; 4) what the relationships depicted in your atlas say to you or mean <
personally; and 5) your own reflection on the work of Project #2, in other words, your reflection on the <
research and your work on the project. <
Using Quotation Sandwich and Citing Your Sources: Your written commentary must contain at <
least 2 quotes or paraphrases from outside sources. You must use “Quotation Sandwich” <
format (a form of framing your quotes, paraphrasing, or summarizing from outside sources so the reader <
has context and background on the quote and author, and an explanation of how the quote, etc. is relevant <
to your theme and discussion). We’ll study and practice writing effective Quotation Sandwiches and <
incorporating in-text citations and Works Cited or Reference listing into your writing. <
Please also provide at least one paragraph for a solution you propose or a solution being used there. <
I have found 4 sources, you can find more or use of your own ones only, but if so please provide me with the link to those articles as well. <
1. https://thediplomat.com/2017/01/golden-temple-grey-air-pollution-in-amritsar/ <
2. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/amritsar/environmentalists-concerned-over-rising-pollution-level-599725 <
3. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/amritsar/green-issues-not-on-priority-list-of-parties-366562 <
4. https://urbanemissions.info/india-apna/amritsar-india/

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