Writing/Research Assignment: Statistical analysis published in academic literatu
Writing/Research Assignment: Statistical analysis published in academic literature. The purpose of this project is to find articles in recently published scientific and academic journals that use statistical analysis. Scientific and Academic Journals are those which publish papers that describe original research that was done by the authors who wrote the articles. This does not include magazine articles; non-research items in journals; and other similar sources. Statistical analysis means that the authors of the paper used statistical methods to analyze their data. In the Materials and Methods part of the paper there must be a section where they have identified the statistical methods they used to analyze their data. If they do not have a section identified this way, do not use the article. You must locate and review five articles. The five articles must have been published in the last year. The articles are due in Week 7; you can submit the articles for review in any week. Write a summary of each one and list the statistical techniques used in the research project. Use the template below for your assignment. Biostatistics Project Template Journal Article 1 Reference Citation: Summary of the Article: List the Statistical Techniques Used in the Research Project:

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