Writing Project – Part 1 Mr. Bob LobLaw of LobLaw Manufacturing has requested y
Writing Project - Part 1 Mr. Bob LobLaw of LobLaw Manufacturing has requested your help to review their current processes. Below you will find information on the areas they are looking for help with. After reviewing the given background information, prepare a 1 page memo explaining how you could improve the presentation of these reports and lists so the owner can more easily understand them. Address how often the information is recreated and whether the owner should have the option to complete the Excel steps himself. Your goal should be to help justify why hiring you has already saved the company money and is going to allow more real time information to be readily available. Be sure to include proper APA citations both within the body of your text and a References page following the memo. a) Currently, a hand written inventory is kept and the previous manager was manually tracking the cost and quantity of inventory on hand. b) Orders for inventory are made using a hand written form. Often times there are mathematical errors in the totals of the amounts ordered and the wrong amount is written for the check request leading to underpayments that delay shipping. c) Decisions regarding inventory mark-up are made by "good guess" but the owner has never fully understood how to make the best decision on what mark-up to include per inventory item. There also isn't always a quick place to see what that mark-up is per item or the original cost. They wish this could be kept in one place.

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