Writing My Discussion 1. Based on the information collected in this study, formu
Writing My Discussion 1. Based on the information collected in this study, formulate the Discussion section of your selected topic. Do not forget that your Discussion section should: a. Reiterate the Research Problem/State the Major Findings Briefly reiterate for your readers the Research Problem or problems you are investigating and the Methods you used to investigate them, then move quickly to describe the major Results of the study. You should write a direct, declarative, and succinct proclamation of the study results. b. Explain the Meaning of the Results and Why They are Important No one has thought as long and hard about your study as you have. Systematically, explain the meaning of the Results and why you believe they are important. After reading the Discussion section, you want the reader to think about the Results [“why hadn’t I thought of that?”]. You do not want to force the reader to go through the paper multiple times to figure out what it all means. Begin this part of the section by repeating what you consider to be your most important finding first. c. Relate the Findings to Similar Studies No study is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that it has absolutely no relation to other previously published research. The Discussion section should relate your study findings to those of other studies, particularly if questions raised by previous studies served as the motivation for your study, the findings of other studies support your findings [which strengthens the importance of your study results], and/or they point out how your study differs from other similar studies. d. Consider Alternative Explanations of the Findings It is important to remember that the purpose of research is to discover and not to prove. When writing the Discussion section, you should carefully consider all possible explanations for the study Results, rather than just those that fit your prior assumptions or biases. Provide the complete References list of the sources used in writing the Discussion. Use APA style (7th Ed.) to enter the references. 2. Post your Discussion. 3. Then, read the Discussion post submitted by another classmate and provide meaningful feedback for improvement. As well I used those reference References Aarnio M, Salovaara R, Aaltonen LA, et al.: Features of gastric cancer in hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer syndrome. Int J Cancer 74 (5): 551-5, 1997. Chan AO, Wong B. Gastric cancer screening. UpToDate. 2020. Accessed at https://www.uptodate.com/contents/gastric-cancer-screening on June 26, 2020. D. Patel Jyoti, 2020. Stomach Cancer, Risk. https://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/stomach-cancer/risk-factors Kurtz RC, Sherlock P: The diagnosis of gastric cancer. Semin Oncol 12 (1): 11-8, 1985. Ladeiras-Lopes R, Pereira AK, Nogueira A, et al.: Smoking and gastric cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies. Cancer Causes Control 19 (7): 689-701, 2008. MING SC, GOLDMAN H: Gastric polyps: a histogenetic classification and its relation to carcinoma. Cancer 18: 721-6, 1965. National Cancer Institute. Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Screening (PDQ®). 2020. Accessed at https://www.cancer.gov/types/stomach/hp/stomach-screening-pdq on June 24, 2020. Utsunomiya J, Maki T, Iwama T, et al.: Gastric lesion of familial polyposis coli. Cancer 34 (3): 745-54, 1974.

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