Writing Assignment Week 5 BA 343 International Business Final Project/Paper (Cou
Writing Assignment Week 5 BA 343 International Business Final Project/Paper (Country/Fortune Global 500 Company) Assignment: With this assignment, you are a representative from the country of _____China___________________ (name of country). The task of this assignment is to prepare a written paper to a 2017 Fortune Global 500 Company ___________Volkswagen____________________ (name of company). The URL for the 2017 Fortune Global 500 Company is: http://fortune.com/global500/ . Assignment upload: Please send your instructor the name of the country and the company you have selected (to whom the report will be directed). Upload this information in a MS Word document in the appropriate link in Moodle. This is due week 2. The report is to be a minimum of 15 pages (double space) and include the following topics: more details in files!!!! Note: This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin, a plagiarism checking service. This checks your paper against many sources and also other Trine students’ papers. Be original in your writing (don’t copy and paste) and cite all sources used. A high similarity rating could result in a loss of points or no points. Paper Requirements: · Times New Roman, Font 12, Normal margins, double space · Title page: Name, course name/number, assignment name, Country and Company, date · Use Topics listed above (bold print and underlined) throughout your paper. · Your report must be a minimum of 12 pages double-spaced. This does not include the title page or reference page(s). · Include Works Cited page(s) using the MLA style of writing. · Avoid the use of pictures in the body of the report. · Graphs and charts are okay to use, but keep at a minimum. The textbook reference is as follows: Carpenter, Mason A. (2011). International Business. Saylor Foundation. Retrieved from https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/international-business More details in files!!!!!!!

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