writing a formal report of approximately 5 or more pages with 2 reference materi
writing a formal report of approximately 5 or more pages with 2 reference materials. These reference or research materials could be from the internet. Remember to include the sections for formal reports that are mentioned in chapters 16 and 17. You may also access formal business reports on the Owl Perdue website for this assignment. Respond to this topic or select a another topic of your choice using the same premise and guidelines. As a landscape engineer/architect for a company, you are asked to examine problems associated with the design of walkways, the location of trees and garden beds, the grading of land around buildings, and any other topographic features. Assume that you have been hired by a specific city park, college campus, apartment complex, community, or company with which you are familiar. Your objective is to evaluate one or more landscaping problems at the site. Write a formal report that includes a study that describes the problem(s) in detail and outlines a plausible solution to the problem(s). Be specific about how the problem(s) affects people - citizens in the community, students, faculty members, employees, inhabitants, and so on. Following are some sample problems that could be evaluated. • Poorly landscaped entrance • Muddy, unpaved walkway between dormitories and/or academic buildings on a college campus • Unpaved parking lot far from main campus buildings. • Soil runoff into the streets from several steep , muddy subdivision lots • City tennis courts with poor drainage • Lack of adequate flowers or bushes around a new office building • Need for landscaped common area(s) within a subdivision or campus • Need to save some large trees that may be in danger because of proposed construction

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