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i need a revision of my memo and letter. This is the feedback I received. Business documents are single spaced, double space between paragraphs. Paragraphs are not indented. Keep paragraphs short and focused. The references are relevant to your memo to Wooten and so need to follow that memo, not the letter. Use the company name from the scenario as well as your title from the scenario. Provide titles in the memo fields for you and Wooten. One of the requirements for this assignment is that you research how to communicate in writing with business professionals in the country you have chosen. Explain to your boss how you made the decisions you did to format and complete your draft letter. What are expectations of professionals you are writing to? Is their business style highly formalized, stern, casual, cautious, etc. What decisions did you make in your draft letter. Cite your sources for this information in your memo to your boss and include on your references page. You are to write a letter to the potential distributor formatted properly for your UAE audience.

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