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Exercise: Go to http://playspent.org/. Play the game more than once, using different jobs at the start of the game each time you play. Post to the discussion board using the prompts given. After you post, respond to at least 2 of your peers' posts. You must post your own thread before you can see and respond to your peers. After you played “Spent” more than once, how did your choices differ each time? Where did you choose to live: closer to your job with higher rent and lower commute costs, or farther away with lower rent and higher commute costs? Why? Did you end up using your lifelines? Did you make it through the month? How did this game make you feel as you were playing it? Relate your feelings to those currently having to make these decisions daily (your future clients). How would you feel if this were your real-life situation? https://playspent.org/html/

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