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Journal 4: Practicing Rhetorical Synthesis This journal entry will introduce you to synthesis and rhetorical analysis. Complete “Drawing Conclusions, Activity #3” (pg 117) using the links below as your texts (you will need to analyze both speeches separately and then consider them in relation to each other). I recommend both watching the speech and reading the transcriipt for each. Speech #1: Michelle Obama 2008 Democratic National Convention speech video: Michelle Obama at the 2008 DNC (Links to an external site.) Michelle Obama at the 2008 DNC Melania Trump 2016 Republican National Convention speech video: Melania Trump Full Speech at Republican National Convention (7-18-16) (Links to an external site.) Melania Trump Full Speech at Republican National Convention (7-18-16) **You can access the transcriipt through YouTube and read as you listen. Click on Transcriipt in the menu bar located under the video. Your journal entry should include the following: List questions you have for the text (min. 4): List at least four questions the texts have generated for you as a viewer/reader. These can be questions that you would ask about the content if you were conversing with the speaker(s) or questions you would ask if you were talking with an audience member. It’s a good idea to give yourself time markers or line numbers as references, if possible. List points of interest in the text (min. 3): List at least three primary points of interest within this text that you would like to know more about or that you find particularly engaging concepts or ideas. It’s a good idea to give yourself time markers or line numbers as references, if possible. List quotes/images/characteristics that you could use as evidence in a paper (min. 3): Provide specific quotes or images the texts use that you find particularly important (use time markers/line numbers to reference). If you include a characteristic of the text in this list, provide a brief descriiption of an example and a time marker or line number. Arrangement (groups of information) Outlining; Source Visualization; Mapping. Show the organization of the speeches: Create categories that you would use to organize the above information into manageable chunks of data. Using the questions and points of interest as your guide may be quite useful in this task. Once you have created your categories, sort the above information into them. (You have at least 3 points of interest/questions that you’ve generated for each video. You can use any of these in multiple categories if needed) Synthesized Summary and Analysis (2 paragraphs): Craft a one paragraph summary that synthesizes the material provided in the speeches in order to describe some of the rhetorical conventions used when composing and delivering this kind of speech (i.e. ethos, logos, pathos). The second paragraph of this synthesis will provide your position or opinion on the plagiarism debate that surrounded these speeches in July, 2016. [It might be useful to do a bit of research on the debated material, but it isn’t required for this synthesized analysis. Use your work above to help generate your position]. One Web site (Links to an external site.). Another Web site. (Links to an external site.) What about Biden? (Links to an external site.) More Biden.

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