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As a APN, you will be a change agent. A Change Agent is someone who deliberately tries to bring about a change or innovation, often associated with facilitating change in an organization or institution. To some degree, change always involves the exercise of power, politics, and interpersonal influence. It is critical to understand the existing power structure when change is being contemplated. A change agent must understand the social, organizational, and political identities and interests of those involved; must focus on what really matters; assess the agenda of all involved parties; and plan for action. Change occurs over time, often fluctuating between intervals of change then a time of settling and stability. 1. Apply Lewin's Change and Force Field Analysis theories to establish a dedicated Geropsych Unit. 2. Identify driving and restraining forces that might influence this change. 3. Discuss who the stakeholders and partners might be. Include 3 scholarly references.

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