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The presentation should be about Orchard Beach in Bronx New York of environmental injustice done to a particular Native People in this area. You should incorporate research about as many of the following aspects as possible: •history of case •science of the environmental harm •economic issues (incomes, low tax base, misuse of cost benefit analysis) •measurement of bias, quantitative measures of racist impact or Western privilege or need for such data •pertinent laws & policies including corresponding UN’s Sustainable Development Goals •politics/implementation issues •resistance & ways resistance has driven towards solutions (e.g. resistance movements) •various solutions (including what can you, personally do about it) and including discussion on implementation of the corresponding UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Make sure to discuss how would local community of native people and environment benefit from the proposed solutions, how would you (the researcher, the government, and the UN) find out what the community needs, how would you involve the community in decision making process, and how would you find the funding. Along the text, add pictures, maps, graphs. The groups will choose their own topic and the role (subtopic) of each member. Feel free to be creative in this presentation and use different media. You can focus more on the solution and how the government or the people in Orchard Beach area impact by the environment injustice. And what kind of solutions we bring to the population of this area?

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