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Your overall task is to write a 1500-word final Professional Development Reflective Journal (PDRJ. Please check all documents that have been provided to support you with this especially the rubric You will do this by drawing on what you have learned about yourself, through writing weekly Professional Development Reflective Journals based on self-evaluation questionnaires and activities in seminars 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Also drawing on the ongoing feedback provided in discussion in the seminars. The first PDRJ will be a practice one. You will use a Professional Development Reflective Journal Template which will be provided. You will improve on your PDRJs using the developmental advice and feedback given in the workshop discussions. Your final Professional Development Reflective Journal (PDRJ) will integrate all of the weekly PDRJs and will be based on the suggested structure provided. This assessment will assist you to develop the professional skill of reflection, self-profiling and career planning and management. I will upload the PDRJ 1 and 2 later and You need to help finish PDRJ 3 4 and 5. Then use the template finish the 1500 words reflection. Make sure to follow all instructions that I upload and read the rubric before you start the reflection. Thank you!!! Please use AMJ(The Academy of Management Journal) as the format.

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