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Use the excel chart provided and present it in a Microsoft Word document. You can make up a project (any explanation or rationale) to describe the data. Present the chart in a persuasive format. Please refer to the examples. This paper should include Appendices. Figures require figure numbers and captions. Figure captions should describe what is significant about the figure. Don’t say “Figure 1: A plot of the cost.” That will be obvious from the figure. If you use a figure, there should be a reason for it. The abstract should be advertising for your paper (it is not a summary) and showcase the key results. (So that the reader wants to read the paper and discover how you got those fascinating results.) The main goal is to show that you can present PM data in a clear and appropriate context. You may make up any scenario for the data that you like. Present the data in any context you can make a case for.

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