Writer’s Choice
Part 1 Reading Reflection answer the question below: 1. No quotations 2. Summarize and explain in your own words. 3. Do not paraphrase or describe what the author says, except in so far as it is directly relevant to answering the prompt. 4. Correct grammar. 5. Follow prompt for each week exactly. 6. Create a word document and upload for the assignment in question. 7. Length: 3 full paragraphs (5 complete sentences per paragraph). Answer these questions: ASK YOURSELF: OF ALL THE CORE VIRTUES, WHICH ONES WOULD YOU MOST WANT YOUR FUTURE SELF TO POSSESS? EXPLAIN WHY. THOSE CORE VIRTUES COULD BE VIRTUES THAT YOU ALREADY POSSESS AND WANT TO MAINTAIN, OR THEY COULD VIRTUES THAT YOU CURRENTLY DO NOT POSSESS. WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO THOSE VIRTUE? WHY ARE THOSE VIRTUES BENEFICIAL FOR YOU TO POSSESS? WHAT DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE WILL POSSESSING THOSE VIRTUES MAKE? Part 2 Seminar question

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