Write the 4 blogs below and label them on the paper please BLOG 1: WATCH : https
Write the 4 blogs below and label them on the paper please BLOG 1: WATCH : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QahShak07nI REVIEW: the power attached that is labeled Post Moderism(2) WRITE: A 150 word blog about one of the major historical events labeled in the Postmodernism timeline listed above and what you think its impact might have been on the literature of the time period. Why was it so impactful? What changes did it usher into being? How did the event impact everyday life for the average American? Why might it have affected writers so much? BLOG 2: READ: http://eudorawelty.org/biography/ READ: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1941/02/a-worn-path/376236/ WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QahShak07nI WRITE: Write a 150 word blog about one of these opportunities that appears in the story. How is the redemption achieved? Does Phoenix have a hand in it? What might the significance of her name be in terms of her role in the lives of others? BLOG 3 & 4: READ: https://www.biography.com/writer/tennessee-williams READ: http://jhampton.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/53101025/Streetcar.pdf WRITE BLOG 3: Write a 150 word blog about what you think the “darkest” moment of the play is. What is the moment? Why does it affect you so much? Is there a way this play could have had a happy ending? WRITE BLOG 4: Write a 150 word blog dealing with the ending of A Streetcar Named Desire. Is this the happy ending that Missy Mae and Joe have in “The Gilded Six Bits?” Why or why not? Stella and Stanley end up together… what’s different? How do you feel about Stella’s fate? Does she deserve Stanley? What about Mitch? Does he get what he deserves as well?

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