Write an essay answering the following question: Explain and evaluate how Hobbes
Write an essay answering the following question: Explain and evaluate how Hobbes, and either Aristotle or Augustine, might have assessed the rebellions against political authority by one (or two) of the characters we covered earlier in the course (Antigone, Ajax, Killmonger). According to Hobbes and Aristotle or Augustine, would the rebellions by those characters have been justified? Why or why not? Moreover: would the political principles defended by Hobbes and Aristotle or Augustine provide a fair basis for judging the actions of Antigone or Ajax or Killmonger? Or do these characters have insights into the nature of justice (or the principles of political authority) that Hobbes, Aristotle, or Augustine fail to understand? It must be effectively structured within the framework of a thesis statement that responds to the prompt above. So while you can build on your earlier work in the course, you should do so carefully and selectively. Stronger papers will: • Be structured around a clear thesis statement, stated in the first paragraph. • Emphasize depth over breadth (in other words, don’t worry about summarizing as much material as possible within the word limit; instead, focus on explaining, analyzing, and arguing about, a few key points). • Analyze more than summarize (sometimes you need to summarize information, but you should so do only insofar as its essential to advancing your own argument). • Cite, quote, and analyze specific passages from the reading material (broad summaries of ideas from the readings are less helpful; show that you know, and can analyze, precise passages). The paper does not require a bibliography (or any sources outside the course material). If you’re referring to Aristotle or Sophocles, cite numbers from the margins in parenthesis (Sophocles, Antigone, line 499; Aristotle, Politics, 1252a); if you’re referring to Augustine, cite Book and Chapter numbers (for The City of God), or paragraph numbers (for Letter 93); if you’re referring to Hobbes, cite chapter number and paragraph number; if you’re referring to Black Panther, simply make clear what scene you’re discussing (quoting lines from the film may be helpful); if you’re referring to one of the pieces of secondary literature provided on Blackboard, give the author’s last name and a page number in parenthesis (Conway, p. 3).

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