Write an argument answering the question: “What is happiness?” In your response,
Write an argument answering the question: “What is happiness?” In your response, please use at least four of the essays I assigned, those listed below, either to support your definition of happiness or to contrast with it or to otherwise qualify it. However, the bulk of the essay will use your own experiences and/or ideas. Do not use any other sources other than those assigned. You must QUOTE from atleast four of the following essays: Gilbert, “Does Fatherhood Make You Happy?”, Thoreau, “Selections from Walden”, Epictetus, “From The Handbook”, Russell, “The Happy Life”, The Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, “Inner Contentment”, Crittenden, “About Love”, or Le Guin, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”. Please do not state the bloody obvious: “There are many different ways to define happiness” or “Happiness depends on the person” or “Happiness is difficult to define.” Please do not just use some trite dictionary definition. And please don’t fall back on “in my opinion” or “to me” phrases. Please remember to develop a sharp, argumentative thesis to defend, and underline your thesis in your final draft uploaded to Canvas. For example, your thesis might simply be “Happiness is ________.” On the other hand, if you particularly like one of the definitions for happiness illustrated in one of the assigned essays, go with that as your thesis and expand from there. In other words, stay focused on the issue at hand, analyze it thoroughly, and argue your case with specific examples and illustrations. Do not rely on paraphrase; instead, YOU MUST QUOTE meaningful passages and then explain their significance. Provide a works cited page after the conclusion of your essay.

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