Write an analysis of the debate over whether college tuition should be free in the United States

Write an analysis of the debate over whether college tuition should be free in the United States.  Your job will be to determine what the opposing sides say about the issue.  How do people who advocate for free tuition support their position?  How do people who oppose free tuition support their position? 


You'll need to find and analyze at least two online articles, one in favor and one against free tuition.  It's fine to include additional articles if you'd like.  Look for articles by conducting a Ram Search on our FSU library's website or doing a Google search.  Make sure the articles you've chosen are reliable!  Avoid sites that produce misinformation or lies.


Analyze how the articles make their arguments and whether they are persuasive.  Do the authors clearly state their positions?  How do they support their positions?  What evidence do they provide?  What aspects of the issue do they prioritize?  Do they include facts and figures?  Have they consulted sources written by people with expertise on the issue?  Do they consider and respond to counterarguments?  What tone do they use? 


In the last part of your paper, you'll take a position yourself.  Do you think college tuition in this country should be free?  Support your position with evidence from the articles you have analyzed. 


Remember to include the articles' titles, authors' names, and publication information in your paper.


Before you start, carefully read chapter 9, "Analyzing" (pages 132-155), in Let's Talk.


Revise your essay to make sure it is accurate and well written.  Remember to put your name on your paper!


Let me know if you have any questions by speaking to me after class or emailing cspringer@framingham.edu.


Length:   A minimum of 850 words, double spaced, in the Times New Roman 12-point font.


Due:    Wednesday, March 9, by noon.  Upload your paper to our Canvas site as a PDF or Word document (not a Google doc).  Late papers will be marked down one letter grade (for example, from a B to a C).   You must complete all the assignments to pass the course. 

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