– write a five-paragraph analytical essay (not a book review) on American slaver
- write a five-paragraph analytical essay (not a book review) on American slavery using the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. -must answer all three question topics. 1: Discuss Slavery: What day-to-day atrocities, dangers, and hardships did Douglass experience or witness? Note: Do not be vague. Provide multiple examples from the text. You must discuss at least two overseers/masters. 2: Discuss Education: How did Douglass learn to read and write? How did he teach others? Why did masters think educated slaves were problematic? Lastly, in what ways did education influence his desire for freedom? 3: Discuss Geographic Location: Compare slavery in rural and urban areas through Douglass’ experiences. The introduction should lay out your topic, state what your thesis or argument will be, and provide historical background on American slavery. Be sure to highlight or underline your thesis statement before submitting. The middle section presents your information and develops your analysis and argument. Your middle section should answer the questions above. The conclusion pulls together the main points, reasserts the thesis, and may relate the topic back to wider historical issues. Keep your conclusion and introduction short and to the point. Use specific examples and details from the book to provide evidence and support of your claims. Your paper should have many citations. Quotations: At least three footnoted direct quotes to support argument. Use one quote per question/topic. Be sure to cite thoughts even if they are not directly quoted to avoid accidental plagiarism. If you only have three citations in your final draft you have likely not cited your information correctly. Avoid long wordy quotes, meaning all direct quotes should be less than three full lines of text on the page. No block quotes.

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