Write a detailed 2 week health-related exercise Rx for Mr. Doe
Required Elements Introduce yourself to Mr. Doe and provide your background. Include a short purpose of the letter. Briefly describe health-related PF and how exercise and PA are related to PF and why that is the focus of his Rx. Detail for Mr. Doe the first two weeks of a health related exercise Rx to get him started. You have access to his assessment results linked below. Mr. Doe is your family friend, so this letter needs to have a friendly and personal tone. 4 pages maximum including tables and other organizational elements. All Rx elements must be submitted in a word document file or PDF. No webpages, spreadsheets or google docs or YouTube videos unless you are linking to them and citing them in your Rx for supplemental information purposes only. Each letter has specific instructions to follow that will be detailed separately. The basics below apply to all the Letters written in this class. All references should be cited using the numbering style and APA bibliography formatting. All letters are submitted in Canvas in Microsoft Word format (.docx). Each letter is a single document but can include multiple elements (tables, images…etc.). Text will be 12 pt. font that is basic and easy to read (Times New Roman, Palatino, Georgia, Courier, Bookman, Garamond, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic and Verdana). Line formatting must be double spaced! Formatting for tables, graphs… etc., should be consistent w/in a document and include table or figure legends. Proper punctuation, grammar and writing mechanics are expected. Your grade can be hurt by these, but the primary target of all critiques will be content and accuracy. I will deduct for grammar, mechanics and punctuation problems but will not waste time pointing them all out for correction. You should utilize the ECU writing center to help proofread your writing assignments which also provides 10 ex credit points. The Canvas tool “Turnitin” is enabled on these assignments which will not only check your assignment for plagiarism but also has some grammar, spelling and mechanics checking that could be useful to you. If you see >30% similarity with other sources, you better check that you are not plagiarizing. Use 2nd Person Point of View in most letter content and simple everyday language.

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