Write a 1200 word essay Follow the career arc of one of Jazz’s most forward-thin
Write a 1200 word essay Follow the career arc of one of Jazz’s most forward-thinking luminaries: Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock, with an emphasis on how Shorter’s or Hancock’s musical approach/style has shifted over time. Be cognizant of instrumentation changes from album to album and document not only the artist’s albums as a band leader, but also as a sideman/group member (albums listed under someone else’s name, which they played on). Incorporate at least 6 landmark albums (one for each decade from the 1960’s to the 2010’s) and reference stylistic components—draw from your knowledge through your listening tests as well as what you read about the characteristics of the music in your research. Go to the Shorter and Hancock Landmark Albums page for possible album choices. Return to one of the important themes of this course. What is jazz? Through all of the stylistic changes and influences across genres that these artists develop through, are they playing jazz? Does the presence of improvisation make the music jazz? Does the use of certain instruments make the music jazz? Cite at least 10 sources (6 of which will be the albums you choose); attempt to be varied in the types of sources you access: publications, historical text, biography/autobiography, first-person essays or interviews, scholarly articles Publications: Downbeat Works cited should use Chicago style formatting Submissions must be typed, double-spaced, use times new roman font, and have 1" margins. Do not title the paper. In the upper-left, write your name, date, and the assignment name.

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