Write 3 individual posts (paragraphs) of less than 250 words each to reply to bo
Write 3 individual posts (paragraphs) of less than 250 words each to reply to both topics below (3 posts per topic, 6 in total) Post with support from your text and/or outside resources (which you provide APA citations for) yet do so within our 250-word limit. If you are citing to the text, simply put the page number of the text at the end of the applicable sentence or section in your post. i.e. (Cheeseman, p.12). IMPORTANT: End all posts with a critical thinking question. Think about these questions as going beyond being answered "yes" or "no". You want to promote conversation. Some notes on voice and protocol: “Voice” is developed within the discipline of making a statement of your position (support or refute) and then defending it with citations and references to support your point of view. Avoid beginning with "I think" or "In my opinion." Claim your voice. You have a place at the discussion table. You must provide a supported point of view, away from opinion. In text citations support your position. Be concise, 250-word limit. *Complete your post with a question that will deepen our inquiry - not like a quiz or written exam question, but a question that continues to examine the topic, looking for elements or challenges. Topics for discussion (post 3 replies to each) are: Topic 1: Contractual Remedies. In considering all of the possible remedies for contractual breach, choose one of the remedies and explain when a businessperson might select this one as the most appropriate remedy. Be sure to explain why. You may create a hypothetical situation or a situation from your own experience, a case in the text or a case from a reliable external source. (Do NOT use the remedies “monetary damages” nor “specific performance”) Topic 2: Anticipating Difficulties. Consider either your present or a past employer. If that is not possible, select a possible future employer. Take into account the nature of the business and select ONE issue or idea in the chapter that may create difficulties for that employer and, perhaps, employees in enforcing contracts or in reacting to a breach of contract, existing or in negotiation. Describe what that is and explain why it would cause a difficulty.

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