WORKSHEET 6.1A: Evaluation Planning Questionnaire

Use the filled-out Worksheet 6.1B in the book as an example to follow as you complete this questionnaire.

1. What questions will your organization’s evaluation activities seek to answer?

2. What are the specific evaluation plans and time frames?

a. What kinds of data will be collected?

b. At what points?

c. Using what strategies or instruments?

d. Using what comparison group or baseline, if any?

WORKSHEET 6.1A: Evaluation Planning Questionnaire (Continued)

3. If you intend to study a sample of participants, how will this sample be constructed?

4. What procedures will you use to determine whether the program was implemented as planned?

5. Who will conduct the evaluation?

6. Who will receive the results?

7. How are you defining success for this program or project?


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