Work with your target population that you have chosen to provide a health promot
Work with your target population that you have chosen to provide a health promotion plan. Include in this discussion, a brief synthesis of interviews with group members and at least three significant findings you have identified regarding your target group in your community. Within this discussion forum please answer the questions: (don't write a formal paper - write like you are talking to the class, but be professional) Describe the Target Population you are working with. Identify any factors that place your target group at risk for chronic diseases. Please provide a description of the factors and why you think these are relevant. You might want to choose this topic for your health promotion project. Is there a topic your group members are interested in learning more about? Choose and explain two goals outlined in Healthy People 2030 that relate to your target group. In reference to those goals, identify any obstacles you feel your target group might have to overcome in order to achieve these goals. Describe primary or secondary disease prevention strategies that would benefit your target group. Provide information on how you anticipate these preventative measures would work and what they would prevent. Review the county website to see if there are any initiatives related to this topic. On the Internet, go to your county health department website and there should be an area labeled Programs & Services, or something like that. Review the popular and scholarly literature on this topic. Does the popular literature reflect the scholarly sources? In other words, is the popular literature true and factual, or hearsay, rumors, just people's ideas? Did you find any myths reported about your topic (e.g. Lost 50 pounds in 5 days with this drink!)? If you are still unsure of what you are going to do for your health promotion project, provide information on the ideas you have been thinking about and/or what your population could benefit from. You might get some constructive feedback from your peers to help you with your topic.

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