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The "slippery slope" related to law enforcement and corrections is defined as corruption that usually begins with something innocuous as a free cup of coffee, which could lead to more apparent types of corruption. Jake Hoyt, an LAPD officer, exemplifies the "slippery slope" theory in the Training Day movie. Newly assigned narcotics detective Officer Hoyt is mentored by Alonzo Harris, an LAPD narcotics supervisor, who is corrupt. Officer Hoyt undergoes a series of tests of morality throughout the film. The movie does a great job of portraying the "slippery slope" by showing how the small gratuities lead to more prominent corrupt and illegal acts. Officer Hoyt inevitably becomes so deeply involved in the corruption that he cannot return. Officer Hoyt is awakened by his involvement in murder, robbery, and drug dealing. He decides he wants out but cannot save himself without becoming a victim of Officer Harris' web of crimes. Toward the end of the movie, Officer Harris realizes his corruption and illegal activities are about to be exposed by Officer Hoyt. Officer Harris sets Officer Hoyt up to be killed a gang leader. The gang leader realized Officer Hoyt saved his niece from being a rape victim, and he let Hoyt go free. The movie was based on a disgraced and convicted Los Angeles Police Officer, Rafael Perez. No one will ever know the truth or the extent of the corruption because movie producers tend to over-dramatize events to sell tickets. 

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