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GMO and non-GMO foods are a widely debated piece of culture in todays society.  Whats best for you?  Whats bad for the environment?  How do we adjust the way things are?  Do we need to adjust the way things are?

The fact of the matter is that a large portion of the foods we eat daily are genetically modified (FDA, 2022).  Things such as corn, potatoes, bananas, and apples are all genetically modified to provide the best for the consumer (FDA, 2022). Even those who arent too keen on eating fruits and veggies may be consuming GMOs indirectly (FDA, 2022).  Many animals that are used for beef and pork products are fed GMO based plants (FDA, 2022).

Ultimately, I think GMOs arent bad, so long as its done in a manner to preserve the environment.  I think that lab grown meat and veggie based foods are up and coming and the way of the future.  With how impactful it is on the environment to raise and feed livestock, it would be best for everyone to find alternatives. I have tried some of these products myself, such as impossible burgers, and veggie-based chicken, and while they arent perfect, they are well on their way.  Someday soon, I think, we will have veggie-based products that are indistinguishable from what we already know and love. 

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