Wk 3 Q3 Stephanie


Please respond directly to the classmate discussion post below. Minimum of 100 words.

In general, stress can have drastic effects on a person mentally and physically. The demands and job of a police officer have additional stress added on. Police Officers have to consistently be on high alert 10-12 hours a shift.  This can have dramatic impacts on the mental psyche. Not to mention if a police officer is involved in a critical incident on duty, they are even more on an elevated stress alert. Eventually the officer will have an adrenaline dump and process the incident hey were in. These are the critical moments officers and supervisors should keep an eye, because those are the factors that are contributing to PTSD.

Being a police officer is an honorable thing. The job requires a lot of sacrifice in general, but specifically sacrifice of personal needs because you are putting the needs of the public before your own.  Police officers are faced with traumatic scenes everyday and have ways to process and compartmentalize their own stressors whether it be form the job or maybe stressors at home. It is imperative that agencies focus on officer wellness now more than ever to keep their officers healthy. For a long time, there was a stigma behind officer wellness and mental health, but I feel like now that is getting prioritized in departments to support the noble cause of being an officer. 

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