What makes an ad go viral?
Please make sure to abide by her grading penalty and use the templete she provided!! Super important.


  1. Any assignment that does not include your acknowledgment of the automatic grade penalties associated with the assignment (30 point penalty).
  2. Any assignment that utilizes examples discussed in class (40 point penalty)
  3. Any assignment that does not address each principle for each advertisement (50 point penalty)
  4. Any assignment that does not include correctly formatted in-text citations or a reference page; see Purdues The Owl for details on in-text citations and references (60 point penalty)
  5. Any assignment that states factual information but does not cite the source of the information (40 point penalty)
  6. Any assignment that discusses your sources. For example, if you are citing an author published in the New York Times, I do not information on the NYT, nor do I need information about the author (20 point penalty)
  7. Any assignment that uses several different outside sources for the same information. For example, a few years ago Oreos sent out a tweet that went viral during the Superbowl. If you were providing factual information regarding the ad, lets say that the ad was a big hit with Gen Z, I do not want to see citations from the NYT and Fox News for this fact. Choose one or the other. (50 point penalty)
  8. Any assignment that plagiarizes material from outside sources OR includes a direct quote from an outside source. Your job is to paraphrase and cite outside sources (120 point penalty)
  9. Any assignment that does not use the template provided by the instructor (40 point penalty)
  10. Any assignment that does include your initials on the Declaration (template page 4; 30 point penalty)

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