What is going on in Microbiology today? New, amazing discoveries are made so of
What is going on in Microbiology today? New, amazing discoveries are made so often it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. Time to take a moment and investigate what is happening today! did you already complete a bonus assignment during the last module? Choose a different article/topic to complete a second bonus assignment for. Choose any one current (within the last six months) Microbiology specific article from the following sources: www.reddit.com and the subreddits r/science, r/environment, r/microbiology (Links to an external site.) are good ones to check out Any science magazine (paper or online) such as Discover, Scientific American, The Scientist (Links to an external site.) Popular Science, New Scientist, ScienceDaily (Links to an external site.), NewYork Times (Links to an external site.), Nature (Links to an external site.) Plenty of other sources can be used, check with me if you have questions Type up a one page report (1.5 space, times new roman size 10 or 11 font, 1 inch margins) on the topic and include ALL of the following: Summarize the research done – mention tools and methods used, what was the question/hypothesis, note the conclusions Why did you choose this topic, what caught your attention, why is this important to you What new questions did this article trigger for you, how did it lead you to investigate another topic Explain how this topic is related to what you have learned this semester. Explain which objective it relates to and include a discussion of how the article relates to the objective Include your full name and section # in the header. Include a works cited (in either APA or MLA format) Include a link to the original article - date of publication must be apparent

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