Weekly history essay
Be sure to use parenthetical citations from the textbook for full credit on weekly essays. Read the text. Answer the question below and answer it in 5-paragraph essay format that is at least 350 words, using parenthetical citations and only using materials assigned in class (no websites!). Also be sure to respond to a classmate's essay at least 100 words. Provide specific examples from the textbook and be sure to cite the book for full credit each week. (TO MY WRITER, MUST PURCHASE THE TEXTBOOK ONLINE! I'LL PAY FOR THE TEXTBOOK! THIS IS GOING TO A WEEKLY ASSIGNMENT SO I'LL LIKE TO HAVE THE SAME WRITER EVEY WEEK) Was the rise of kingdoms and empires a "natural" phenomenon? Do human beings need the leadership of a strong ruler to form a civilized society? Or were there special factors in the ancient Near East that favored monarchies?

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