Week 4 - Discussion 1

Topic: Kids in Distress

Organization Background

Step 9 in the text provides an overview of the organizational background component. In 200-300 words, write up a background on the organization you have selected for your project, addressing some of the following components (addressed on page 88 of the text):

a. A brief description of the organization and its mission and vision, as well as a description of how it came to be (its history).

b. The demographics of the community your organization serves, followed by the ways in which both the board members and the staff reflect those demographics. This information is growing steadily in importance to funders, as they want to make sure that the nonprofit is in the best position to truly understand and connect with the community it strives to serve.

c. A description of the organization’s position and role in the community. Who are the organization’s collaborating partners in the community?

d. A discussion of the ways the organization is unique in comparison to others providing similar services.

Week 4 - Discussion 2

The Grant Writing Process

Search the Internet and/or the online library for articles on the “how-to’s” of writing grants. Summarize the article you select in 150-200 words. What key points should a grant writer keep in mind in order to successfully persuade potential funders with a well-formulated grant proposal?

Week 4 - Assignment

Evaluation Planning

Download Worksheet 6.1: Evaluation Planning Questionnaire. Once you have opened Worksheet 6.1, select “save as,” and save it to your own computer as a Word document. Answer each question on the questionnaire by typing your responses directly into the worksheet, and upload the completed worksheet as part of your written assignment.

Note: You will use this paper and completed questionnaire to craft the evaluation component that will be included in your grant proposal/final project due in Week Six (a Sample Evaluation Component is included on page 56 of the text).


Required Text

O'Neal-McElrath, T. (2013).  (4th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-118-37834-2

· Step 6: Preparing the Evaluation Component

· Step 9: Writing the Organization Background Component

· .

Kids In Distress

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