Two-part HW, Part 1: Learning Objectives need 1.5 pages answer; Part 2: Discussion Question (need 0.5-0.75-page answer) total 3 pages

Only use the pdf I provided as a reference! ! ! !

Your answers must be relevant to the textbook. The answers are easy to find under each chapter (pdf), just use some words and explanations from the textbook. Also, you must write down the page number (where the topic came from) after your answer.

ALL answers should from your own words or the textbook.

ALL answers should from your own words or the textbook.

Learning Objectives Chapters 3-4

CH.3 Evaluating a Company’s External Environment

LO 1 How to recognize the factors in a company’s broad macro-environment that may have strategic significance.

LO 2 How to use analytic tools to diagnose the competitive conditions in a company’s industry.

LO 3 How to map the market positions of key groups of industry rivals.

LO 4 How to determine whether an industry’s outlook presents a company with sufficiently attractive opportunities for growth and profitability.

CH. 4 Evaluating a Company’s Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness

LO 1 How to take stock of how well a company’s strategy is working.

LO 2 Why a company’s resources and capabilities are centrally important in giving the company a competitive edge over rivals.

LO 3 How to assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses in light of market opportunities and external threats.

LO 4 How a company’s value chain activities can affect the company’s cost structure and customer value proposition.

LO 5 How a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s competitive situation can assist managers in making critical decisions about their next strategic moves.

Discussion Question (CH 3-4) (need 0.5-0.75-page answer)

Briefly discuss the value of the “Framework for Competitor Analysis” and if you believe these four cover the basic framework for an analysis or should another dimension be added. And, if one needs to be added in your opinion, what do you suggest the fifth or even sixth dimension should be??

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