Week 5 Case Study Please read the case, “Collective Bargaining on the UMass Amhe
Week 5 Case Study Please read the case, “Collective Bargaining on the UMass Amherst Campus download” that begins on Page 9 of the Society for Human Resource Management document, “Employee and Labor Relations Student Workbook” and answer the questions on Page 10 (also listed below) relating to the topic. Please prepare a 2 - 3 page summary, fully addressing all of the questions and fully supporting your views with the appropriate references, which should be included via in-text citations and listed on a reference page. Please review and follow the Case Analysis Guidelines download. The assignment should be submitted as an MS Word document. Case Questions: 1. Why didn’t employees at UMass Amherst engage in collective bargaining after the passage of the NLRA in 1935? Why did the passage of the Massachusetts General Law in 1973 have such a big effect on union organizing at UMass Amherst? 2. What role does labor law play in encouraging or discouraging unionization? 3. Do you think teaching assistants should be considered employees? 4. Do you think management’s reaction to employee interest in unionization differs if the employee already has high union density among other employee groups?

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