week 4b steven 303


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At a certain point, it becomes a full-time job to protect and cover-up the cop unethical decisions purely out of loyalty. No one Wants to be viewed as weak, untrustworthy, or a whistle-blower. Some would choose to turn a blind eye to corruption rather than address it. One of these factors is the scenario in the film of the rookie cop. The rookie does not know any better figured this may be acceptable behavior in combating the criminal underworld of narcotics. The rookie cop is easily influenced and may believe that such position crosses the ethical line to effectively do the job. Some may turn an eye to Alonzos behavior due to results. If he is getting busts and gaining stats, no one (peers/supervisors) may question his tact. Results is what they want, and results is what they will get. What it all boils down to, it no one wants to be a snitch unless their own job is in jeopardy. I have seen and heard of this countless times in my career, and it is very unfortunate. Corruption has a massive and devastating effect on our jobs, out public image, and creditability and/or integrity of law enforcement as a whole.

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