Week 4 Listening Reflection
Listen to each and choose one musical selection from this list to write your listening reflection. Linked to Chapter 6 It's All Right by Ray Charles Think by Aretha Franklin Linked to Chapter 7 A Day In the Life by The Beatles Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones Answer the following questions as a text entry in your listening reflection. What musical selection did you choose and why? What instruments do you hear on this recording? (remember to include vocals in your instrumentation list) Describe the timbre of the performers? (remember that timbre describes the sound with your own adjectives) What is the harmonic texture of the song? (remember that harmonic texture defines how the layers work together using the terminology from the Prelude Page in Week 1 Module) Describe the overall mood and how this is accomplished. What else do you hear? (remember this question is designed for you to talk about things that weren't already discussed - how is repetition treated, how does the music enhance the lyrics, is there anything that sticks out that seems unusual, etc) What is the most interesting thing about this recording to you? Why?

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