Week 03: Standardization (Part I) Week 03 Lecture Video – Healthcare Standardiza
Week 03: Standardization (Part I) Week 03 Lecture Video - Healthcare StandardizationURL ANSI - American National Standards Institute. (2017, Oct.). Dr. John Halamka, Harvard Medical School, on Healthcare Standardization. Youtube.com. Week 03 Discussion (200 words) Question(s) - answer both questions: Where do you see the balance between standardized EHR systems and customized EHR systems? What are the advantages of customization? What are the disadvantages? If you were working to create a policy on standardized terminology and data collection methods for your organization, what would you be sure to include? Week 04: Standardization (Part II) Week 04 Discussion (200 words) Question: How can IT systems be leveraged for care coordination? What are the advantages and disadvantages related to care coordination that might arise from IT health system      implementation? Required Readings Week 04 Lecture Video - EHRs and Usability and Unintended Safety Issues (2.5 min)URL Pew. (2018, Feb.). Electronic Health Records: Usability and Unintended Safety Issues. Youtube.com.

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