We have covered almost 150 years of American literature and American Civil Right
We have covered almost 150 years of American literature and American Civil Rights. For this project you have the freedom to explore any writer or time period/movement that we have covered in this class. I encourage you to revisit your journals for ideas. The topic must be focused with a specific thesis. No more than 20% of the essay should be quotes and paraphrasing. The focus must be on your own ideas, analysis, reactions to the writer or literature. You must refer to and quote from at least two (2) pieces of writing in your essay from this class. Include the following: Topic (a specific statement. Eg. I plan to write an analysis of the impact of And the Band Played on on the American government’s response to the AIDS crisis or “I want to explore how Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle continues to impact worker and animal rights in America today.” Thesis: Write a 1-2 sentence statement of the main point of idea of your project. Sample Thesis: Upton Sinclair's focus on immigrant labor abuses is an essential document for support of a $15 Federal minimum wage increase. Write a short outline of the major points you will cover (how you will support your thesis). Write the outline in outline format. Include a topic sentence and 2-3 points you will cover in each body paragraph. Identify 3 scholarly sources (cite in MLA format) and explain how these sources will support your thesis. ** Readings from class: Twelve Years of Slave - Soloman Northup The History of the Standard Oil Company - Ida Tarbell The Last Quatrain of the Ballad of Emmett Till - Gwendolyn Brooks The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith 1,112 and counting - Larry Kramer

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